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The Weeknd

just because it’s beautiful. and big big up to Mikaël Colombu for the amazing video.

The Weeknd – The Knowing (Official Video) from xoxxxoooxo on Vimeo.


(c) Mel D Cole

ok so this is Jesse Boykins III. The first time I heard him sing was when I was listening to The Weeknd on youtube and “accidentaly” hit a remixed version with an amazing voice added on it; being Jesse Boykins III. As I said, an amazing voice, unbelievable song writing & producing skills: a great artist. ps: when I was googling him I read that Sinden will be working with him in the near future. CAN’T WAIT! oooh ps: as soon as I heard that voice I wanted to know when I could see him live. And after a little research I found out he will be in Brussels on the 11th of December! for only 5 euros! at a place only 170 people can get it! I start looking for my camping gear.