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A couple of days/weeks I posted about the then upcoming EP from Bambounou & Joakim called “Fructose”. Today a really cool interview with the two artists came out with them talking about the unusual collaboration, cheap synths and the party itself. Teki Latex had a great time as he was shouting his infamous “chuichooooo” all night.

anyway, really cool interview, enjoy!



The Walk & Rogerseventytwo // TWR72

A little introduction about TWR72 or The Walk and Rogerseventytwo


With a long friendship, The Walk and Rogerseventytwo started to work together as dj’s in the summer of 2004. Soon gigs followed in the Netherlands, including the big festivals, Prague, Paris, Copenhagen, Bratislava, Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona, Freiburg and London. Their name grew rapidly in Holland and the rest of Europe. It was in 2008 when Erol Alkan himself dubbed these guys as the ones to watch in the future. And he was right.

 2010, Roger and Tom decided to change their name to TWR72 and focus more on producing tracks ‘together’. Their new sound was defined by BBC Radio 1 as Future Techno. At the start of 2010 they got signed by the ambitious label Instant Replay where they already released two EP’s that are supported by big names like Brodinski, Laidback Luke, Bart  B More, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Theme, Zombie Nation, Atrak, Tom Trago and Joost van Bellen. By the time their third EP will be released, they got several remixes that will pop up including their Dinosaurs with Guns remix on the prestigious label Sound Pellegrino.

Next to being dj’s, the desire grew to perform with their productions. They developed a live show with an exclusive matching visual show in cooperation with their design team. Their live debut was at Valtifest 2010 but now they are ready to take over the world.

And they are taking over big time.

Paradox is one of my favorite TWR72 tracks, released on Sound Pellegrino, 26/08/11. I know it’s been released for a while now and it’s not very new, but hey, better late than never. You can listen to it here:

+ just out; their remix for Housemeister’s – Weird Friends (Released on Boys Noize Records, 05/12/2011)



A suprising but excellent collaboration between the Young Gunz member Bambounou and Tigersushi’s Joakim Bouaziz, called Fructose. Both having such a different sound (electro/breakbeat – I don’t know how to call Bambounou’s sound – vs. the poppy, disco, electro sound of Joakim made me question the collaboration at first but hell yeah it worked out and it worked out damn well! Release date December 19th on Sound Pellegrino! Have a listen yourself here.

There will be a release party at Social Club in Paris too, the 22nd of December. Social Club is one of my favorite clubs, plus the great music and atmosphere. This one just can’t go wrong. Might go to Paris for that one. Here’s the info on the party.

or go to and check the agenda