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Aeroplane aka Vito De Luca

Aeroplane aka Vito De Luca

I don’t need to introduce Aeroplane to you I guess. This pioneer in indie disco/pop knows music and knows it well. That’s why Pulse Radio asked him who his 5 favorite producers are. Aeroplane told them to keep an eye on the following 5:

1. Martin Dubka

He produced Ali Love’s album and all the new Tyson stuff. He’s like buying gold, a safe investment. Clearly why he was chosen for In Flight Entertainment.

2. Azari & III

They bring back the excitement I missed in dance music the last years. It’s instant, amazing live, and they make you really dance. Not like ” Do I look cool ? ” kinda dance. The dance where you can’t control it.

3. Herr Styler

These guys create a unique blend of music with elements you wouldn’t expect to work. Think anchovies and Nutella, that would taste disgusting but their music is great!

4. Dimitri From Paris

He is obviously not a newcomer, but his producing career was a bit on hold. Now he is back with some of the greatest early house and disco remixes with the spirit of Shep Pettibone looking over his shoulder. Also check his Erodiscotique project.

5. Moonlight Matters

He needs to free himself a bit more but as soon as he will, he will be unstoppable.



Jimmy Edgar

Morning! This is Jimmy Edgar; an alround artist from NY with main occupations being music and photography. His bio on his facebook page is pure genius so I propose you go and read it.

And while you’re doing that, listen to his sexual disco/funk tracks here:

Here’s a little summary:

✖ ✗ ✘, ☓☓☓R&B, ▲▼▲, Dancefloor Design ☐
Doves blood ♥ Scorpio ☀ Leo ☼
Berlin/NYC via Detroit, ⑂☨☦✚ △ Ξ ♂ ♀ ☿
Record label
!K7, Warp Records, Citinite, Rush Hour, Hypercolour, Hefty, Items & Things, Semantica, Glass Table, Night Moves, no19, v2, Universal Music Group / Hero

have a listen for more on his soundcloud or website (