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this track’s 17 years old but still damn sexy.


Konbini is a website, active 24/7, with some really awesome stuff. Describing themselves as “a web based entertainment studio and broadcasting platform for creative and original video content”, they’re absolutely right. It’s my favorite website at the moment because it contains the best music & fashion, always brought with a healthy dose of humor. One of my personal favorits are the auto-interviews. They mail the artists questions and they answer them with what they want, where they want, how they want. It’s very refreshing and so much more fun (I guess for the artists too) to do/watch the interviews. Konbini always comes up with the best ideas e.g. the “heeeeeeeeeere’s Brodinski” videos as sort of fun promo for the fabric live compilation. Also Glentourage is quite amazing. He films at great parties, mostly in LA and Miami, at artists homes, after parties, pool parties… check it out, but be aware, you will want to move there.
Anyway, hope you will have a blast watching the videos and getting to know Konbini (

here’s an example of the most recent auto-interview with the Black Lips. there’s a lot more e.g. Justice, Yuksek, Kasabian, Sammy Bananas, Cassius, Surkin, …
ps: as the website is Paris & London based you’ve got some videos in French and some in English but if you check in the player you’ve got a CC button which provides you of subtitles.

I present you Konbini X Auto – interview X Black Lips: the-auto-interview-black-lips
ps: I’d post the video directly on the blog but the code doesn’t seem to work so just click the link. sorry & thx!