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How amazing is this line up?

Who’s going?



this is some raw dark techno over here, mates.
Here’s what Rec Room had to say about the track. Sorry for the copy-past shit but sometimes you just have to admit that you can’t do better, and I couldn’t describe this better:

Upcoming early next year on Marble, this remix is proof that Paris is getting more orgiastic than ever. While the Marble Players are busy working with each other under this name and the High Powered Boys tag team, the new Mother EP from Para One also features Surkin on one of its tracks (who, as if that wasn’t enough, is going to record the next Sound Pellegrino Crossover EP). And this remix from Ed Banger’s Mr Oizo has him sounding relatively normal compared to his usual musical ramblings, on a kind of dark techno tip that gives it a hard-edged thud as it rolls along. From Skream’s latest Warehouse Project mixtape.


all credits to Rec Room.