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So this is Zimmer, a Parisian DJ who plays disco, house, funk. this is his november mixtape. On his souncloud page there’s collaborations with other big artists in the genre e.g. Jeremy Glenn. Ps: about Jeremy Glenn; like I told earlier I went to see him DJ on friday. First of all, great set but what was spectacular is that he started singing later that night. And WHAT A VOICE! i was totally shocked. I had to film it I guess but was so blown away. Guess you’ll have to go see him yourself.

Anyway: enjoy ZIMMER while having a look at my little christmas list.

a  1 year subscription to Dazed Magazine.

the Beats by Dr. Dre headphone

Blade In Gold – Marc by Marc Jacobs

L’essence – Balenciaga. Been wearing it for a couple of months now so it’s almost empty. need a new bottle!

it’s really hard for me to find glasses that really fit me and this Tom Ford is just gorgeous!

some money to go crazy on

so these were some of the things I would love to see under the christmas tree. What would you like to get? I hope santa reads my blog. Fingers crossed!


Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade in Gold

Hell yeah! i’m very into the bling as all my friends know (and now u do too). And goddamn this one’s hot! it’s $275 and I hope it will be under the christmas tree. (I know it won’t that’s why I say ‘hope’) fuck you santa