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heeeeeeeere’s the bling again.
Angelica Blick ( is a swedish blogger i’ve been following for a couple of years now. she has an amazing style as is not afraid of change. i’ll blog about her later. via her i found a (swedish) site with jewelry which i LOVE. she sells some beautiful stuff and it’s not that pricy. if u want the price in euro just devide it by 10. here’s some rings i really like, be sure to check out the rest because her earrings and bracelets are amazing too. here’s the website:


Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade in Gold

Hell yeah! i’m very into the bling as all my friends know (and now u do too). And goddamn this one’s hot! it’s $275 and I hope it will be under the christmas tree. (I know it won’t that’s why I say ‘hope’) fuck you santa