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Sup guys!

Yesterday I found out that my favorite club in the world is closing its doors. Libertine Supersport was a fresh innovative club, every Saturday at Le K-Nal in Brussels. With a beautiful view (at the Canal), always great people, amazing atmosphere and every week a fucking amazing line up, it’s really sad the club had to close its doors. For me personnally as I said it was my favorite club and now I’m kinda desperate where to go out. Social club was my n° 2 but hey, going to Paris every week is not really an option I guess.

Anyway, I’m very glad I attended the very last night, being the one on New year’s eve with Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Agoria, Attar!, Mickey and all the resident dj’s. It was dope.

Hope the (ex) owners will come up with another great, fresh and innovative idea and brighten up the Brussels nightlife once again. fingers crossed.

Here’s a video about my all time favorite night at LS; the ABRACADA label night last year with The Krays (Yuksek & Brodinski), Villa, Mikix The Cat, The Aikiu, The Magician and many more. I haven’t heard anything of the label for a while now and hope that didn’t die neither. Could be thought because the 2 label owners Mannu Barron en Dirk De Ruyck both have their own labels now (Bromance and Smile Recordings).

Guess the future will give us the answers we need.


The video I actually wanted to show you is on Facebook zo can’t share it on my blog, but be sure to have a look, it’s amazing!



you probably heard the track “Let The Beat Control Your Body” already – unless you lived under a rock for the past 3 months -. As you probably know too it’s been released a little while ago in a split EP together with Gesaffelstein’s Control Movement on Bromance. Bromance is the new label of  Louis Brodinski himself together with Mannu Barron, also known for the management & booking company Savoir Faire and Abracada.

Now you must be thinking “bitch please. I know all that already, what’s new?!”
well … The video is out!

Here’s what the artist of the video, Alain Domagala, had to say about making it + of course the vid itself.

“Everything happened so quickly, even if the idea of a collab had been planned for quite a while now.
I guess the release of “Let The Beat Control Your Body” started the process. We trippingly talked about it when Louis came to Marseille for Marsatac festival in September.
I think this “Dancing with myself” animation – that I started during a residency in Berlin back in 2008 and finished for an exhibition in Marseille – was the impetus for this project. It’s the very first appearance of the skeleton. It’s dumb on purpose, it obviously refers to the music itself, in a different way than its title does. This suggestion gave me the chance to get the skeleton out of its box and to rub it up against the acid tones of the track, such as a tough chafing or a stinging nettle. Just like Louis’ music, full of sound and rhythmical material stratums, above all I prefered to work more on the visual effects than on the illustrative side of the video.”
-Alain Domagala

more info here on and

Now how bad do YOU wanna go to the Bahamas??????

Jan 6-9, 2012

I’m starting to save up for next year. To everyone who’s going. Fuck you! And have a fucking blast!

This is the new single “Born to Die” of Lana Del Rey and will be released on the 23rd of January. A week later her album will be released too with the name… Born To Die. Personally I think this one’s better than the debut single ‘Video Games’. The little ‘dub beat’ a la Burial/Switch/Massive Attack gives it that special touch. And for one strange reason I really like the video too.
ps: Gesaffelstein did a remix for her but it’s not out yet! Curious!!