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+ SebastiAn Remix

Both out on BNR since September.



After the first single release of Justice’s new album, the follow up of their debut album †, the next one will probably be “On’n’On” (on Ed Banger Records of course). The artwork of Justice’s single On’n’On is just out. What do you think? Kinda cool huh?

ps: if anyone knows who the artist of the artwork was, please let me know so I can give him credit. thx!

You can listen to On’n’On here:

The French brand Cool Cats (known from Ed Banger) did another collab. Earlier collaborations were with e.g. Sebago and Super and they always turn out really cool. Cool Cats vs. Lacoste – Urban vs. Preppy. Here you go:

for more (cause there’s plenty) check out the website: COOLCATS.FR