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Hey guys,

I’m at Brussels airport right now waiting for my flight to Hong Kong. … and then I got interrupted by the woman in the speakers telling me to board. So, now I’m in Doha Airport waiting for my connected flight to Hong Kong that will leave in about a half an hour I guess. Anyways; I wanted to tell you about Melé. This guy… he’s just so damn talented. Guess I started to lay eyes on him about a year ago when I -accendentaly?- found him on twitter. He was -and still is- a really funny guy with great taste in music. He’s first EP that got really known was the one with the Bombay track, remixed by French Fries (it’s really good). After a couple of months now he’s just growing and keeps getting better. Already bffs with Annie Mac (on twitter) and amazingly talented, I personally think this guy could get far in his genre. I surely believe in him.

Here’s his latest release, played by Annie Mac on daytime radio (!) “Beamer” out on Grizzly soon.

Be sure to check out the “Bombay” track I was talking about earlier too.



So as I was looking for some new music yesterday I discovered these guys. UK based, bringing some real cool stuff. Apparantely they did a mix for Annie Nightingale too and the remix of Metronomy is pure gold. Be sure to check them out on their soundcloud and facebook page. The discription of themselves and their music on the facebook page is pure genius. read it.
Have a listen here already. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: Psychemagik