The Captain 666 – Living The Dream pt. 1

photo from the website, always awesome photography

As you know I can really enjoy some good hip hop / RnB (especially The Dream, Drake and Kanye, and they’re all in this set – wooo!). Drop The Lime posted a link on his twitter sending me to this guy; The Captain 666, a DJ/producer/remixer from Brooklyn, US.

Here’s his description of his set:

“Some of you may know, I’m a big fan of R&B, but a huge fan of The Dream and love all his work. So I decided I wanted to do a mix of everything he’s done, after compiling a good amount of songs he’s produced, sang on, Remixed, etc, I realized I had so much of his work that I decided to turn this into a 3 part mix. Each mix will each be a little different, but much alike all The Dream’s tune, the main theme is always Love. Here’s Part I.”

I really enjoyed his set, it’s just so damn sexy! hope you enjoy it too.

tracklisting on the The Captain 666’s soundcloud page


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